The inside and outside of the squeegees are cleaned effectively under high pressure with minimum water consumption.


Save time and water with its ergonomic structure!

The Squeegee colour/paint pipes are being washed efficiently with minimum water consumption under high internal and external pressure. Nozzle mounted to water pipes, spray thin but powerful water. These nozzles are placed strategically for providing optimum operation.

These are brushes ensuring better washing of the external surface of the squeegee, spray water while rotating brushes wash the outer surface of squeegee efficiently. During sprinkling process, a very good cleaning and, consequently, saving on water, is achieved due to air support.
The important thing for Squeegee Washing Machine is, no dye left inside of the squeegee from previous print. In order to obtain that, a good washing must be done inside and outside of squeegee.
There are two

There are two brushes located near by a device moves along the machine and there are two pipes with nozzles near the brushes. Besides, squeegees lined in the squeegee trolley are cleaned by water pressure and air pressure in stages.

Main Functions :

Automatical operation
Application field for all kinds of squeegees
Completely made of stainless steel
Simultaneous washing
Rotating brushes and special spray nozzles for the  outer cleaning of the squeegees
Water/air mixing entry for inner cleaning of the  squeegees
Squeegees trolley adjustable in length for  different sizes of squeegees
Very short washing period of time ensuring
savings on time