It allows fast, economical and clean washing of the screens from the print without being broken.


MSD-4400 Any laquer which has been exposed on a screen must be developed. And this process is performed by screen opening (developing) machine. Laquer which has not been exposed on this machine, will be washed. In the machine, there are two nozzles, one is on the top another on is on the bottom. Nozzle pipe goes thru the squeegee, removes laquer towards outside. And the bottom nozzle, cleans the removed laquer from the screen. With the help of two taped around cylinders, turning and washing of the screen is stabled. There is a thin and long internal pipe inside machine and laquer will be washed by shaking up inside this pipe. In addition, there exist 2 pieces rotating cylinder which rotate inside machine and of this equipment. Under this equipment, there is a geared pipe and by this geared pipe, laquer existing outside of screen is washed by agitation and shaking up. There exist special spraying nozzles by short distances on both washing pipes.

Since internal pipe on which screen is washed can be pneumatically moved upwards, screen can be fitted easily to machine for possibly short time. During developing screen, water will not pour out when screen is immersed into machine. Using this machine, all screens with all kinds of repeat sizes can be developed. Spraying length of water being sprayed from spraying pipes can be easily adapted to screen washing size. MSD-4400 Screen Developing Machine has continuous water circulation system being a special feature. Process will commence with fresh water circulation. At the end of process, screen will be washed by fresh water. Environmental pollution is at minimum using MSD-4400 Screen Developing Machine.

Main Functions :

Easy to use
Automatic Operation
It is so easy to fit screen into machine
Circulation water can be used continuously
Water saving due to continuous water circulation
Very careful and attentive a developing process.