It ensures that the lacquer is applied in the correct thickness and evenly on the screen.


In order to obtain high printing result in terms of quality (both for engraving on the basis of film and laser engraving), it is important that lacquer layer should have a corrected thickness and must be covered with aqua and durable high quality.

Coating Machine MSD-4600 provides coating of such lacquer layer in the best manner. Coating machine of Memnun Makina ensures coating up to coating speed of 16 cm/min. and 6m/min This machine, width a single and automatically operation motion from up to down to up, applies even and equal lacquer layer on the screen. In this way there is no need of waiting for blade to reach to the previous position.

Thanks to high precise structure of the machine, there is no need for trimming operation. Memnun Makine provides additional parts required for operating with this machine.

For example: cones and blade gathering depot, squeegees etc.

Main Functions :

Precise and reproductive coating
High coating speed
Easy to use thanks to ergonomical construction
Automatical operation
Easy to clean.