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(Cotton, Lycra, mixed %50 cotton %50 polyester open width Indigo dyeing) The machine is formed from 4 dyeing and 1 washing vessels.

According to its grammage and speed situation, approximately 1500 m. fabric is dyed in an hour. ln addition to Indigo dyeing, also sulphur dyeing can be made in this machine. After entry and exit of fabric to dye vessel, it makes squeezing in roller (foulard). The fabric circulates on air passage in a certain period for being fixed of dye. For better dyeing, this process continues in 4 different vessels. It goes into the washing vessels to clean over dye on the cloth and to balance PH. After washing it passes to drying, Sanford and quality control, then wraps as a roll. So, the dyeing process is finished.

Technical Details :

• Working Speed: Between 10-35 m/min.
• Roller Width: 2000 mm.
• Average Working: 20 m/min. (For fabric of 500 gr/m2 = 1200 m/h)
• Electricity Power: Total 80 KW
• Air Consumption: 6-8 bar