Brush Sueding Machine ( ALISA )


New generation ALISA Brush Sueding Machine provides to work with CARBON BRUSH, CERAMIC BRUSH or DIAMOND PAPER Rollers. Thus it is possible to have many different kinds of effects with multiple combinations.

MAIN FUNCTIONS • 6 Pieces Carbon Brushes. Each brush can be used in an effective manner through constant drum

• Each brush has inverter. Thus, speeds and directions of each brush is adjustable

• Brushes can be used in fabric flow direction or conversely and works up to 1400 rpm.

• Inverter controlled Feeding and Pulling Rollers provides the fabric enters to the machine in a required tension and properly from Batch Winder or Plaiter

• For knitted fabrics, there are additional spiral expanders on entry to uncurl of selvage.

• Also selvages are not curling during brushing, because fabric flows on the metal plates

• Stainless steel round bars are located on metal plates to prevent the heating during the fabric flow

• Touch Screen Operator Panel to control all the process and functions quickly and easily

• Sensitive tension control with inverters between Feeding and Pulling Rollers